Cosmetic Acupuncture  (Natural Graceful-Aging) 

Let's face it, there is no escaping getting older, however there are ways to help our skin age in a more graceful manner. Facial Rejuvenation or Cosmetic Acupuncture has quickly become recognized as a safe, natural, effective, non-drug and non-surgical alternative to many anti-aging procedures. 



What is so special about acupuncture for anti-aging?


Through the use of ultra-thin needles, acupuncture is able to stimulate the body's own natural healing mechanism. It allows for an increase in blood flow to the face bringing nutrients, which increases healthy cell production and also helps the body break down and eliminate damaged cells and toxins. 


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the external signs of aging stem from an internal constitutional imbalance and a fundamental weakness of "Qi" or energy. The body's natural energy flow is what provides nourishment, support and energy to every cell, tissue, muscle and organ. Constitutional imbalances and weakness in qi can be due to many factors: how much sleep we get, our diet/digestion, and emotional or environmental stressors. Acupuncture helps to not only rejuvenate the face, but also addresses these factors and renews the body as a whole. 


PLEASE NOTE this is not a FACE LIFT. Acupuncture will not have the same dramatic or immediate results as botox because it does not paralize the muscle. Instead it makes the face look more youthful by nourishing the skin and toning the muscle allowing for a vibrant, fresh look. 


*If you have recently received botox or fillers and are interested in facial rejuvenation acupuncture you must wait 4 weeks after botox and 6-8 after filler. 


What can acupuncture target?


-tightening pores

-boosting collagen production

-erase fine lines

-reduce deeper lines

-lift droopy eyelids

-reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles

-lift sagging skin


What is the course of action?


Each visit includes facial cupping and gua sha to stimulate lymphatic flow and relax the face and scalp. Body and face acupuncture is performed and the patient is left to relax for 20-30 minutes under Celluma LED light (if requested). You can upgrade your treatment to include microcurrent to the neck, jawline, cheeks, and forehead. 


Treatment plans are dependent on age, and specific goals. If you are in your 20-40s and are working towards preventing rather than correcting, it is recommended to have this treatment once a week for 8-10 sessions and then once a month maintenance sessions.  If you are in your 40-70s and your goal is to work on reducing fine lines and softening deeper lines/lifting sagging skin then it is recommended to do a course of treatment once a week for 12-18 sessions followed by monthly maintenance. 






TESTIMONIAL: "I am a 52 year old woman. Unhappy with my crows feet and heavy jowls, I received facial rejuvenation on my forehead, jowls, and orbital eye area with Dr. Walker. I was able to see the fine lines diminish after approximately 12 sessions, she utilizes very gentle techniques, not once did I feel any discomfort during my facial rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Walker is caring, meticulous, and approachable. Facial rejuvenation is a noninvasive procedure that can give you a more youthful appearance with absolutely no downtime. I've definitely noticed that my skin looks more hydrated and radiant. Being an esthetician for the past 12 years I definitely endorse this treatment in your skincare routine." -M. 







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