Local & Small Businesses to Check Out 


Massage: Expanding Wellness 

              Camarillo Prenatal Massage 


Esthetician: Rita's Skin Care 


Chiropractic: Coffman Chiropractic 

                   Tao Family Chiropractic

                   Choice Chiropractic

                   Camarillo Spinal Institute 



Supplements for Common Ailments


  • Sleep
    • Disturbed by Restless Mind: Dao Labs Mental Tranquility Sleep
    • Disturbed by a Restless/Hot Body: Dao Labs Physical Tranquilty 
    • Charlotte's Web Calm Gummies w/CBD and Lemon Balm 


  • Cold/Flu
    • Check out Dao Labs Bounce Back Formula & Breathe Clear
  • Low back pain: 
    • https://www.acu-market.com/kaitlin-walker-low-back-support
    • Check out Dao Labs Joint Vitality 
  • Dr Bob's Medicated Oil for neck, shoulder, headache relief: 
    • https://www.acu-market.com/kaitlin-walker-herbal-topical-pain-relief
  • Immune System Support
    • Check out Dao Labs Immunity Support 
    •  https://www.acu-market.com/kaitlin-walker-immune-support



Fertility & Women's Health 

  • Home Fertility Hormone Tracking Device: KAIT15 for 15% off: 


  • Natural Cycles Fertility Tracker 
  • Vitamins:
    • Perelel (Conception, Each Trimester, PostPartum and Men's                    Prenatal too ) 
  • Milk Supply: Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold 
  • Menstrual Regulation
    • Try Dao Labs Women's Monthly Kit 
  • Menopause Support
    • Try Dao Labs Menopause Bundle 


Here is the link for Dao Labs that includes my 10% Discount!







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