What Patients are Saying:

"A few months ago, my Doctor diagnosed spinal stenosis of lumbar spine, spondylosis, and disc disorder and I was suffering from acute pain in my lower back, my hip and leg. It was complicated by kidney disease, which limited my use of drugs. When I started acupuncture treatment with Kaitlin, I was barely able to walk, suffering from excruciating pain. After 3 treatments, I began to feel relief. After 7 treatments I am virtually pain free, without drugs! I am walking 30 to 45 , sometimes even an hour every day! It's amazing that acupuncture can channel one's own body into finding the path for relief. As an added bonus, my kidney function improved, verified by my recent blood tests. I feel wonderful, and would strongly urge others to see Kaitlin for treatment. " -D. M.   Nov 2020 


"Before Kaitlin's treatments, due to the pain in my hips and legs, I would routinely seek a place to sit and let my legs rest after about 10 minutes of walking. This occurred nearly all the time. Needless to say, many of the activities that I love were eliminated or considerably reduced. Thsi was very distressing as I have been very physically active my entire life. My doctor diagnosed nerve damage and lumbar disc degeneration and indicated that my legs would never fully recover, but that surgery or acupuncture might help. Desiring a less invasive approach, I opted for acupuncture and contacted Kaitlin for treatment. This was a wise move. To begin with, Kaitlin was very easy to work with, to schedule appointments, etc. and also provided both a professional and a pleasant atmosphere. Most importantly, however, I began to feel improvement soon after the acupuncture treatments began. I was able to gradually increase the amount of walking I did each day and found that I was able to walk longer without stopping and with considerably less pain. An important test for me was how much I could hike in the mountains in the Mammoth lakes area, where we once lived, during a recent visit. So how did I fare? I was able to regularly hike for 30 to 40 minutes on uneven mountain paths, with little to no pain! On the last two days, I increased my distance and the difficulty of the terrain, and was able to go well over an hour, pain free. I was once again able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains while walking a mountain path. While at my age and with the seriousness of my neuropathy, I will never regain the ability to hike "forever" as in the past, Kaitlin's acupuncture treatments have allowed me to increase my walking range substantially and to do so with little pain. This not only adds to my daily pleasure, but will, I know, add to both my physical and mental health." - W. R.   Aug 2020 



" Kaitlin Walker is an amazing practitioner. She was my acupuncturist  when she was in the San Diego area and I miss her a lot! I can highly recommend her. "  D. B.  July 2019 



"I did a round of treatment for my low back. Kaitiln is an excellent practitioner. She's good with her bedside manner, professional talks you through the uncomfortable bits, and is very responsive to feedback. She knows landmarks for nerves! I have to say, I'm absolutely thrilled that she was able to stop my back spasms and provide pain relief while my back healed. Especially- if you have insurance coverage for acupuncture, don't let the benefit go to waste! I'm glad I used mine." -L.G. 

"Kaitlin is amazing, caring and professional. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Kaitlin has been an incredible help in relieving my joint pain. I hightly recommend Renew You Acupuncture." -S.V.  Aug 2018 



"She is amazing and so friendly. I really enjoyed my first experience and can't wait to go back." -C.C.   May 2017 

"Kaitlin is an incredibly gifted acupuncturist. My son suffered from severe knee pain due to years of competitive soccer. Receiving treatment from Kaitiln reduced his pain significantly and he was able to continue playing. Kaitlin is a very kind, gentle and competent practitioner." -H.H. 

"Kaitlin is awesome, friendly and knowledgeable. I've been going to acupuncture regularly & have had noticeable improvement!" -A.P. 

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